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Meccanica Mugello

Through the implementation of its quality policy and the execution of its processes regulated according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulatory system certified by LLOYD REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE and constantly monitored through manufacturing cycles and strict controls both during the construction phases and in the final stages of the production process.

Quality control is performed in the metrology department equipped with certified instruments such as automatic three-dimensional machines, profilometers, endoscopic videos, profile projector and precision instruments subjected to periodic calibration.

Each tested piece is accompanied by the recording of the data on a specific document for the certification of conformity to the drawing and is recorded ensuring its traceability over time to facilitate any future control investigation.

Quality policy

MECCANICA MUGELLO depends on its customers and therefore must understand their present and future needs, satisfy their requests and aim to exceed their own expectations. With the implementation of a documented quality system, MECCANICA MUGELLO assumes a commitment through which it aims to ensure the quality of its orders to meet customer expectations, and also the satisfaction of all interested parties such as suppliers, competent bodies, internal staff, direct and mandatory elements. In order to consolidate and / or improve the image achieved over time.
In addition to this main purpose, through the quality system it aims:

  • a) Raising the culture of quality in the people who work in the organization, involving them in knowing the importance of their business;
  • b) Prevent, reduce and / or eliminate non-conformities, because they cause waste and defects that produce additional costs and possible damage to its customers;
  • c) Satisfy the customer's requests by carrying out what is indicated in paragraph b), analyzing any direct and / or indirect requests of the same;
  • d) Continuously improve the product supplied in line with the needs of the market through surveys with local bodies in the mechanical sector and meetings with customers;
  • e) Continuous adaptation of the company's production capacity and flexibility, adapting its resources to new technologies, in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness of its products and an optimal quality / price ratio;
  • f) Compliance with all applicable laws;
  • g) Involving and transmitting the quality policy to staff at all levels through periodic meetings, and through indirect communications through public documents;
  • h) Set and achieve measurable objectives to assess the effectiveness of the quality system and the adequacy of the quality policy with the context of the organization.

To this end, given compliance with the laws in force, the technical-contractual regulations and those relating to safety, it decides to establish and maintain a quality management program for the planning and control of all activities affecting quality. .

The responsibility, application and maintenance of the quality system is entrusted to the quality area manager who operates in a separate line of authority with respect to production.

The management with the closest collaborators creates an environment suitable for the full involvement of the staff in the pursuit of the set objectives.
People, at all levels, constitute the essence of MECCANICA MUGELLO and their full involvement allows them to put their skills at the service of the organization and interested parties.
Achieving the desired result by managing activities and resources as processes, any activity or operation that receives inputs and converts them into outputs can be considered a process.
Identifying, understanding and managing a system of interconnected processes to pursue certain objectives contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of MECCANICA MUGELLO.
Continuously try to assess the potential risks and the probable opportunities that they arise, take the necessary preventive actions in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the process instead of waiting for some problems to highlight the opportunities for improvement.
It has adopted the control system of its processes based on risk-based thinking, in order to intercept the risks that cause non-satisfaction and identify opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction.
Effective decisions are based on data analysis, analysis of customer feedback information and the exchange of information from all internal and external stakeholders.
MECCANICA MUGELLO its suppliers and all interested parties are independent, and a relationship based on mutual collaboration and trust improves for all the ability to create value, and increase the satisfaction of the final customer.

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