Machinery Fleet


  • Mori Seiki mod. "SL25B5", maximum turning diameter 250X400 mm;
  • Yamazaki Mazak mod. "Integrex I-200ST", 5 axes, max stroke diameter 400X1000 mm;
  • Biglia mod. "B1200", maximum turning diameter 550X1200 mm;
  • Mori Seiki mod. "NLX2500SY / 700", with y axis and motorized, double spindle with bar loader, bar passage 80 mm;


  • Famup mod. "Evolution MCP100 / E" bipallets, with 2 4th axis tables, stroke 1000x500x700 mm;
  • Mori Seiki mod. "SV 50-40B" with 4th axis stage, stroke 1000X520x550 mm;
  • Famup mod. "MMV 200/80" with mobile column, stroke 2000x800x800 mm;
  • No. 2 Mori Seiki mod. "NV5000" with 5 working axes, stroke 1000x550x600 mm;
  • Haas mod. "VF-6SS", with 4 axes, stroke 1626X813X762 mm;
  • Fanuc mod. "Robodrill Alfa D21LiA5", with 4 axes, stroke 700x300x300 mm.


  • MCM mod. "Clock 1200 MP10 Y850", 10 pallets, stroke 1200x850x800 mm, maximum rotation size 1200 mm;
  • MCM mod. "Clock 800, 4 Axes EVO", 9 pallets, stroke 800x800x800 mm, maximum rotation encumbrance 900 mm;
  • MCM mod. "Tank 5AX TH 1300 MP10", 10 pallets, stroke 1300X1400x1300 mm, maximum rotation size 1450 mm.


  • Three-dimensional measuring machine Carl Zeiss model "Contura G2 Rds" with cube measuring 1000x700x600mm;
  • Gamma Three-dimensional Testing Machine mod. "Dea 1102", stroke 1000x660x660;
  • Micro Vertex two-dimensional meter, measuring range 0-1350mm;
  • Two-dimensional height measurer Tesa mod. "Micro Hite I" height 630 mm complete with accessories;
  • Minitest thickness gauge mod. "730 Elektro –Physik", scale 0-3,000 microns;
  • Galileo hardness tester;
  • Holex video endoscope;
  • Mitutoyo roughness tester mod. "SJ210";
  • Mitutoyo profile projector mod. "PH-A14";
  • Micron Metrology eccentricity control device Height - points 160 mm, Length 500 mm;
  • Mitutoyo digital profilometer mod. "CV-2000";
  • Various instrumentation to support the previous one for the control and testing of the details.


  • Digital presetting for machining centers
  • Analogue presetters for machining centers


  • Traditional milling machines and lathes for tooling and prototypes;
  • Adjustments;
  • Parts washing machine;
  • Nordplast 1200x910x850 mm micro-shot blasting machine;
  • Vibrator for deburring;
  • Automator single-point marking machine mod. "MB460"

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